Xaladin Morrero Vara

The second son of Lord Vara of Oroca


Ser Vara rides four horses: Orlando, Irelsa, Jodi, Solange, and Vanessa. His best horse, Vanessa was lost in a tournament at King’s Landing and was sold to a merchant vessel bound for Lys. Jodi, Solange, and Orlando belong to his father’s stable, but Irelsa is his.

Goals: Win a tourney, conquer a piece of the Reach, impress father
Motivation: Needs to prove himself
Virtue: Brave
Vices: Arrogant and salacious


Ser Xaladin Morrero Vara left home at 15, in a fit of pique and in search of the world he had read about, had heard stories about. With his twin brother Delgado, he traveled north towards King’s Landing, the only Dornish participant in series of local tourneys. Self-appellated the Wild Bull (an epithet since forgotten by everyone except him), his good looks and horsemanship won him the affection of the small folk and youth, but traditionalists and those with young daughters often formed different opinions. It is rumored that he was slapped by a septa in King’s Landing the night before he stood vigil for his knighthood. His unusual Dornish heritage was a determining factor in his being invited to a small, but Baratheon-sponsored tournament, where Ser Jaime Lannister nicknamed him “The Golden Calf” based on his banner and perceived level of maturity. Despite Ser Vara’s best efforts, the name stuck. Ser Vara made a good showing during the tournament, but was unhorsed during the middle rounds by Ser Airk Norcross after being wounded in the second.

Ser Vara was not able to participate in the grand melee with his brother, as they originally planned, due to his wounds.

Ser Norcross proved to be vindictive, demanding double the normal ransom for Ser Vara’s armor and horse. Furious, Ser Vara at first refused to pay and took refuge in his brother’s camp as his wounds pained him. It took the septon Wilfred Guiles to calm the Golden Calf and to keep Delgado from challenging Norcross to a duel to the death. Ser Vara’s wounds made direct communication with his incidental rival difficult and Ser Norcross claimed he had sold both horse and armor to a Myrish trader since Vara had not yet agreed to the steep price during the past three days.

Against the advice of his entourage and several local maesters, Ser Vara decided to convalesce by visiting relatives in faraway Qarth. It seemed that Ser Vara intended to follow his horse and armor across the narrow sea and into the free cities and beyond. Prince Delgado, as heir to Oroca, was forbidden from following his prodigal brother. Sick Ser Vara was caught by surprise at the political reality of the situation, but he had already sworn an oath to sojourn to Qarth. He reluctantly offered heartfelt farewells to the bewildered and level-headed members of the Varan entourage, while the more adventurous set sail with him.

Between the trip past the Jade Gates and the return home, he would visit numerous peculiar and fantastic ports of call in the Eastern Continent, watch two ships sink at sea, and lose several members of his entourage. Now 17, The Golden Calf has returned home fully healed. Mysteriously, his High Valyrian is still terrible.

Not Just a Knight, But An Explorer And Collector


  • Dragonglass
  • To ride a mammoth/a tusk from a mammoth
  • A tusk from an elephant
  • To see the Wall (but not in black!)
  • A basilisk’s fang
  • An arakh
  • To ride a Dothraki steed
  • To meet maester Marwyn
  • To travel to Asshai and learn secrets
  • A red mask from Asshai
  • Silk from Asshai
  • To read The Book of Lost Books
  • A glass candle
  • A dragon egg
  • Water from the Moon Pool/to watch a duel between bravos at the moon pool
  • To duel an Unsullied/an Unsullied’s spear
  • A piece of brick from the Great Pyramid of Meereen
  • To fuck a red grace
  • To attend the games at the fighting pits in Yunkai
  • To fuck a Yunkish prostitute trained in the seven sighs
  • A tokar
  • Lorathi velvet
  • A walrus tusk
  • A Norvoshi tapestry
  • A unicorn horn
  • a bottle of whale oil
  • Silk from Naath
  • Butterfly from Naath
  • To see the Toad Stone on the Isle of Toads
  • To see the mazes in Lorath
  • To see Skull Island
  • A manticore
  • A basilisk
  • To visit Sothoryos/to see their exotic animals
  • A goldenheart bow
  • A Summer Isles monkey
  • A spotted panther
  • Summer Islands sapphires
  • Lotus flowers


  • Fucked a Lysene prostitute
  • Obtained Lysene perfume (for the lady mother)
  • Obtained Lysene long dirk (for Tholomey)
  • Obtained a Myrish lens
  • Obtained a Myrish eye (for Fierro)
  • Obtained Myrish lace (for Cessilie)
  • Obtained Myrish carpet (for father)
  • Saw the Black Walls of Volantis
  • Explored the The Temple of the Lord of the Light in Volantis
  • Rode an elephant
  • Drank Tyroshi pear brandy
  • Obtained Tyroshi basilisk-shaped helmet (for Javen)
  • Obtained a Tyroshi pear of anguish (for his twin brother)
  • Obtained Pentoshi “dragonbone”. Probably fake (for Torin)
  • Traveled to Qarth
  • Drank Shade of the Evening
  • Obtained Qartheen gown (for his paramour, but hidden during the journey)
  • Visited the bazaar in Qarth
  • Obtained Qartheen silk
  • Obtained a feather from a black swan

Xaladin Morrero Vara

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