Orion of Skiathos

Hero of Gail Landing


An unparalleled warrior


Youth: within the pools of the rock gardens Orion was told of the prophecy surrounding his birth, the glory and the doom that it would bring.

Adolescent: House Skiathos spent much of its riches on the hiring of 3 blade masters. It was tasked to them to mold Orion into the hero he would need become. Upon each name day Orion would combat the blade masters to show how he had grown. On his 13th name day Orion defeated his first master.

Young Adult: At the start of the war of the Usurper Orion of Skiathos was given to House Vara. This came about because of a prophecy Lady Nereid believed. A writ of service was given to house Vara swearing Orion to their service. The price of this oath was that Orion must be at a place of prominence during the coming war and not relegated to some far away station.

Adult: The brash knight Xaladin has returned from his tour of westros. He is young, hot blooded, and no doubt looking to prove himself. His return has rekindled hope in Orion that there may yet be an opportunity to prove himself the immortal warrior he is meant to be.

Age: Adult
Goal: Immortality
Motivation: Excellence (Orion is supremely confident in his ability to dispatch anyone or anything he faces on the field and it is this mastery that will take him to his ranks among those names that echo in eternity)
Virtue: Courageous
Vice: Arrogant

Destiny (4)

  • Blood of Heroes
  • Long Blades 1
  • Long Blades 2

Wish List
Shield Mastery
Improved Weapons Master

Ward: -1D on all Persuasion tests with both Birth and Foster houses

Abilities 210/210
4 Agility 40
2 Animal Handing
4 Athletics 40
3 Awareness 10
2 Cunning
2 Deception
3 Endurance 10
6 Fighting 100
2 Healing
2 Knowledge
2 Language
2 Marksmanship
2 Persuasion
2 Status
2 Stealth
2 Survival
2 Thievery
2 Warfare
3 Will 10

Specialties 60/80
3 Long Blades 30
2 Dodge 20
1 Quickness 10

Intrigue Defense: 7
Composure: 9
Combat Defense: 11 (+2 Shield) (-2 Bulk)
Health: Endurance 9

Hard Leather – Armor Rating: 3 Armor Penalty: -2
Shield – Damage: Athletics -2, Defense +2

Long sword – Athletics +1

Defensive (If you do not attack with a defensive weapon add its defensive value to your Combat defense)

XP 1
Destiny 1


Skiathos is an old house to the south west of Starfall. It is located on the Skiathos islands and has been controlled by that house for centuries. It is a deeply superstitious community praying to the 7 for good fortune. As of late many have prayed for forgiveness as the island community has been plagued by ill fortune. The most recent of which was the loss of the Lord Peleus. Lady Nereid rules House Skiathos since the untimely death of her husband. Upon the birth of her first son a child was delivered to her doorstep during the first night of the full moon. This is called The Mother’s Grace, The Moon Child, or sometimes the Mother’s Doom.

Superstition claims that the family that receives a child at this time must take it in as its own for three nights. During this time a doom will be visited upon them, often one that takes the life of a child. By accepting The Mother’s Grace this doom will be delivered to the Moon Child. However, should the family have incurred the wrath of the 7 the doom would be delivered to their kin. As a way of forgiveness the family would then raise the adopted child as their own. Should they not then they would be punished by the gods until forgiveness was earned. Should both children live then the child is often taken in as a boon to the family.

Blinded by his hubris and greed Lord Skiathos rejected the baby throwing it off the cliffs of his keep to the shores below. The next seven years were woeful as House Skiathos was punished by the gods. The Stranger’s doom was visited upon their first born and heir Adonis. He died suddenly of a fever before his first name day. Each year after for 7 years gave Lady Skiathos stillborns until the eighth year where she delivered her son Patroclus. And again upon the night of the first moon a child was delivered to their doorstep. This child would be named Orion Skiathos.

Lord Skiathos had become bitter and resenting of the gods for cursing his family and lands. Letting his pride take the better of him at the news of this Moon Child he declared for the gods to hear that he would burn the boy in the name of the Lord of Light. He spat on the Seven and strode from his hall to do this deed. However Lady Skiathos fearing the god’s wrath upon her only child gripped her. Upon the descent from their tower to burn the child Lord Skiathos suffered a terrible fall. It is spoken in hushed tones by small folk that the lady stepped over the heaving body of her lord husband as he gasped his last breath without as much as a look.

Taking the child from the stables she bathed and fed him at her breast. She housed him and raised him as her own. From that day no ill fate befell her children and nearly a decade of ill fortune seemed to lift. Though all was not done. Lady Skiathos was warned by the septum that Lord Peleus’ hubris was a debt still owed to the warrior. And that payment of this debt would be given to the bull. Should it be payed, great glory would be showered upon her family though she would never see that child again. Should she reject the bull then her house would fall to ruin.

Knowing the doom that was philosophized to him Lady Nereid put out a call for the best sword masters to train her adopted son. It was a considerable drain on the resources of the house but given the stakes she saw no other alternative. The years had made her paranoid and the love she bore her natural born child rivaled on obsession. Though none could claim that the resources were put to waste. Even as a child Orion excelled beyond the master’s wildest expectations.

On his thirteenth name day Orion defeated one of his three masters. It marked the end of his time upon the isle of Skiathos as that year saw too the eruption of Robert’s rebellion against the crown. The red sails of Oroca lay along the horizon as he sat on the stones of the rock garden. His mother plucking shells from the crystal blue water. Her parting gift to him as she knew the Warrior had sent the bull to Skiathos to claim his prize.

“I have seen this day in my dreams. The bull has come to Skiathos. I knew they would come for you child. They come to take you north. They come to take you to war.” For a time it was just the soft lapping of the waves and the cry of seagulls. “The future is now up to you child. If you are true in the coming war glory will be yours. They will write stories about your victories for 1000s of years and the world will remember your name. You will be immortal. Your tribute to the Warrior will fill the debt owed and your brother and our house shall live on. Remember this always.” The riders had just crested the hill signalling it was time. She looked upon him one last time dangled before him a shell necklace, “This is to protect you in the coming days child.” She kissed his forehead and held his checks with her hands, “and that is for saving my son.” And with that she turned from him. It would be the last time he would ever see her again.

During the battle of Gail Landing Orion’s sublime skill gained the attention of Ser Arthur Dayne, Sword of the Morning. Still of a young age Ser Arthur took Orion to be a squire seeing in the child much of himself. For a time the war raged and glory was had. Things had fallen into place with the two bonding as master’s and their apprentices do. This all changed at the Trident.

Perhaps the most vicious battle of the war Orion had personally slain ten men. He was unstoppable as fate guided his blade, until Robert Baratheon. Like the breaking of a damn the men of the crown first fell to panic and then fled as their master, Rhaegar Targaryen was felled by Robert’s mighty hammer. After that he was separated from Ser Dayne who was sent to the Tower of Joy. Orion fought on but the war soon after came to a close with the death of the mad king. With nothing left to fight for the men of the south went home.

Orion has spent the last 15 years in self-imposed ignominy, a warrior without a war. Praying to the warrior that his time has not come to pass. Hoping that the war his mother had seen has yet to be realized fore if it has not then his due to the gods would still be owed and his name would die with him along with his house.

Over that time Orion has friended few. As a youth he was arrogant and brash. However some in the Vara house have kept his fiery spirit kindled. Particularly the child Xaladin. As for the lord of Oroca Hall he has been somewhat unsure of what to do with him. In these relatively peaceful times Lord Vara has assigned him to clear out bandits who get too close to civilization. Time will tell if he will serve a greater purpose.

Orion of Skiathos

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