Korgan Stonearm


The younger and larger brother to Javen, Korgan Stonearm is a behemoth of a man. However, despite his size he still lives in the shadow of his smaller, yet elder brother. Korgan is a well versed combatant and skilled rider but years of privilege and a mighty frame have instilled in him an arrogance which has been a his greatest enemy. All too often he will rely on his brute strength or the armor and station to see him through adversity. This detriment has prevented him from stepping beyond his brother’s shadow. Many have speculated that Stonearm the younger could truly be warrior for the annals of history but with no battle to test him nor opportunity to step away from his familiar surroundings it would seem that Korgan Stonearm walks the path to obscurity.


Destiny 3/5
Brawler 1

Abilities 180/180
2 Agility
2 Animal Handling
5 Athletics
2 Awareness
2 Cunning
2 Deception
5 Endurance
4 Fighting
2 Healing
2 Knowledge
2 Language
2 Marksmanship
2 Persuasion
2 Status
1 Stealth
3 Survival
2 Thievery
3 Warfare
4 Will

Specialties 60/60

Intrigue Defense: 7
Composure: 12
Combat Defense: 5
Bulk 3
Armor Rating (Soak): 8
Health: 15



Korgan Stonearm

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