Javen Stonearm

Captain of The Varan Blood and Silver


Javen Stonearm is a northerner from a long line of iron jawed warriors. His surname is a testament to the might of his lineage. A ward to the Lady Grafton Javen took to the travel south along with many other aides and attendants including Javen’s younger brother who was at the time a squire.

Javen was and has always been a quite man. Not brooding nor rude in his demeanor. It is often that he simply listens more then he speaks. A demeanor that is somewhat out of place in the Vara family. However when he does speak it commands the attention of all in earshot. Once such time was during the kidnapping of his charge, the newly married lady of Oroca.

Lord Vara had assembled the men at his call to rescue his beloved. Javen Stonearm had brought his giant steed from the stables and mounted the beast along with the other riders. However lord Vara called him out to stay behind. Being sworn to the Lady Vara now meant that he was also sworn to the Lord of the house. Still when Lord Vara had bid him to stay behind he looked at his lord and said, “Kill me if you must my lord. For that is the only way I will be stopped from righting this wrong”. It is said that the two bonded that moment where as before they had been strangers under one roof.

The two set off north in pursuit and caught their prey at dawn. Many tales are still told of the valor of these men. Outnumbered and wounded the two warriors were driven by a calling greater then themselves. Ser Javen’s steed was a colossus befitting his mighty frame. The thunder of his forceful strikes and the deft blade work of Lord Vara saw to the end of the affront. Since that fateful day Ser Javen Stonearm has been the Captain of the Varan Blood and Silver. Although an outsider in a foreign land Ser Javen’s northern upbringing has suited his role well adding new insight and skills to the ranks of the formidable Varan Blood and Silver.


Javen Stonearm

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