Servants of House Vara

The many servants of house Vara


Chamberlain Bruis
Stern and efficient, Bruis is very much a creature of habit who follows a remarkably precise daily schedule. He rules the lesser servants of the household evenhandedly, but does not brook any foolishness or insubordination.
He was born the third son of a vassal knight and was sent by his father to serve as a page for House Vara when he was just six years old. Young Bruis quickly revealed a sharp mind, with greater talent for papers and numbers than for arms and horsemanship. In time he pursued a life of the privileged leal servant, an honorable and very necessary calling in any great household. He has lived in Oroca Hall now for almost four decades; today he manages the Hall’s private living quarters as well as all the household servants, second only to Steward Torin Sands in the servants hierarchy.
Head Scullion Mara


Servants of House Vara

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