Delgado Montoya Martinez Vara

Heir to House Vara


Devilishly Handsome and silver tongued, the beloved son of Mardoxia wishes for the stability of House Vara. He seeks sway over his father’s subjects as these are lawless lands and the need for unity is great. Delgado has always been a dutiful son and able lord in his father’s steed. His return from Kings Landing has seen him take on a host of new duties. Duties that he has taken to with renewed vigor now that he is of age and his father looks to him to perform his duties.

XP: 30/89
Glory: 3/4


  • Goal: Power
  • Motivation: Stability
  • Virtue: Honesty
  • Vice: Prejudice

Destiny 2/7

  • Heir
  • Attractive: Re-roll 1s on persuasion tests
  • Twin Blood: Increase combat/intrigue defense by 2 when working together
  • Favored of Small folk: When interacting with status 3 or lower gain +1B on all persuasion tests

Wish list:

  • Cohort
  • Dutiful: Your opponents suffer -1D when trying to influence you involving Convince, Intimidate, or Seduce.
    *Magnetic: Achieve greater results with charm.

Abilities 180/180
3 Agility 10
2 Animal Handling
3 Athletics 10
3 Awareness 10
3 Cunning 10
2 Deception
2 Endurance
3 Fighting 10
2 Healing
3 Knowledge 10
3 Language 10
2 Marksmanship
5 Persuasion 70
5 Status 70
2 Stealth
2 Survival
2 Thievery
2 Warfare
3 Will 10

Specialties 60/60
Empathy +2B (20pts)
Charm +1B (10pts)
Ride +1B (10pts)
Fencing +1B (10pts)
Stewardship +1B (10pts)
Red Keep +1B (Free)

Intrigue Defense: 11
Composure: 9
Combat Defense: 9 (+2 Dagger) (-5 Armor) = 6
Health: Endurance: 6
Armor Rating (Soak): 9

Attack Roll: 3d6 +1B
Castle Forged Left Handed Dagger: (Agility -1), Defensive +2, Off-hand +1
Castle Forged Bravosi Blade: +1 to hit, Defensive +1, Fast


Important Events

The noble heir to house Vara, Delgado Montoya Martinez Vara, Second of his name was born the first of twin brothers. As first to draw breath in the world succession of his house would fall to him when his noble father’s rule would pass. And thus his opportunity, burden, and challenges would become the basis of the few outward differences between he and his twin Brother Xaladin Morrero Vara. The Vara twins have been inseparable since birth: it has been noted by many of the nursemaids that the sibling rivalry that exists in so many children simply did not touch them. Before her passing the elderly nursemaid Pura Amma recalled their childhood with wry fondness, recounting: “They fought, but it was always in the best of spirit; they competed, but it always ended in congratulations and embrace; and may the Seven save you should they turn their eyes upon you in mischief!”

Del, as he is affectionately called by those who know him best, has been put upon the path of lordship and thus his focus has somewhat deviated from that of his brother. While the Vara twins were both born to rule and seem to often seem to share one mind, Delgado does exhibit slight differences from time to time. The greatest difference is his outwardly dealing with others. From an early age he has always been touched with the gift of understanding and through his empathy has been able to bring people together. This is no doubt due to the loving nature and partnership of his parents taking the best qualities of both his mother and father. This insight to the human condition has played a significant role in pushing forward a new plan for stability in the region.

Perhaps one of the most defining moments in Delgado’s life was the arrival of a fisher named Gersen Wreed. During his 6th year Delgado and his twin were sent to meet at house Fowler for the name day celebration of the lord’s twin daughters. Traveling north along the marble road they were set upon by brigands just as they cleared the last farm in Mardoxia. The nabbing was quick and little could be done to prevent it. Delgado will never forget the helplessness of his situation. Surrounded by guards and yet unguarded, torn from his carriage and spirited to the nearby town while his men fought on unaware. It was only Xaladin’s screams that alerted his guardians of the troy plot. A young lordling would catch a fair ransom to those brazen enough to risk the attempt.

As they grew to adolescence the games of the high courts could not set one another apart nor drive a wedge between them. The few who had tried to sew the seeds of jealousy and rivalry would fall victim to the brother’s own

Yr 16: The Kings Tournament (Kings Landing)
Grand Melee

Gold Dragons 16
Spent 6ss in Duskendale for lodging
Spent 2070ss in Duskendale for Bravosii Blade
Damaged by bandits on dirt trail
Injury by bandits on dirt trail

Delgado Montoya Martinez Vara

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