Amadaius De Vrac

Sergeant of Black Sashes


Amadaius De Vrac is Sergeant of the Black Sases and a grizzled vet from the war of the usurper. He’s is a grumpy a old coot who’s bitter losses have left him cold to the world. His years of service have shown him one singular truth, everything dies. Skill is nothing to experience and the stupidity of youth is often rewarded with death. His dour demeanor and disproving attitude is never the less idolized by the fighting men of Mardoxia. He is often looked to as the stern father figure that many fighters have never known. The seeking of his attention and favor, which is never given, has given many drive to prove themselves a true black sash. It has seen some rise to prominence as a warrior and it has seen more still find an early grave.


Amadaius De Vrac

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