Song of Ice and Fire

Past The Kings Road


This is what we know now.

Ser Cooper, the knight in charge of the assault at our very gates has been identified as Ser Leof Cooper of House Cressie. He is disposable, a hedge knight and therefore worth little to nothing in randsom. It is likely why he was chosen for this fool hardy mission. And that mission we have found was to steal away from the Knights Watch, the bastard Aeron Waters, for he is the son of Lord Jonthos Valarion and key to lost treasures of the Red Vault. His injuries have have been healed and I have decided to take him with us. He has sworn an oath on my brother’s sword that he shall not deceive us, he will follow our orders, and take no actions that would otherwise impede our mission. We shall see if his word is bond.

Madam Falea, known to us as Jane, has been ransomed back to the Iron Bank. A skilled spy she was. Why such a spy was sent into our midst? She was more forthcoming in her answer than I anticipated. It would appear many years ago a child was brought to our house under the guise of my Uncle’s bastard son. This child was in fact the son of a mason of the Red Keep. My uncle Cyril urgently spirited the child to our lands to put under our protection as apparently he holds some secrets to the Red Vault. For the few months this spy was in our employ she came perilously close to finding the mason’s location. And this knowledge would go to none other then Mikeal Cressey of House Cressey. The Very lord that send his bannerless hedge knight to steal another part of the key to this mystery, the bastard son Lord Jonthos. It would appear that Mikeal Cressey has made a deal with a member of the Iron Bank, one Ambadus Tremoho. Perhaps we can make a deal with this Tremoho and undercut the Cressey house entirely.

With the help of our mother my dear brother and I will remain united. Together we travel north to Sunglass where we will visit the library of the Maester Ivan Young, an avid book collector and currently keeper of the journals Aeron Waters have spoken about. But first we sailed to Dusken Dale where we recovered from an atrocities sea journey which left all comfort and hospitality to be desired. Were it not for my loyal squire I would have been locked under deck with nothing but a flask of water and a bucket for 10 days. It was truly a miserable journey. So miserable in fact that upon entering Dusken Dale I purchases the finest accommodations available to wash the filth of the trip away and recover from the illness that afflicted me.

While in Dusken Dale I paid my respects to lord and lady of Fort Dunn. There we met with the Lady Dunn where we exchanged small gossips. I purchased a fine blade of castle forged steel. An excellent example of form and function. My squire must have had eyes on it as he presented me with an off handed blade to match. I hope not need its use in our travels but it is better to be prepared then to not be. My brother has gained a friend in this fort, a blacksmith of fine repute. We should do what we can to hire this man away from House Dunn. In secret of course.

We then set south to King’s Landing upon the famed King’s Road. It is impressive I will say. But in Dorne, Such security seems overbearing. We stayed the night in King’s Landing and visited court. There I observed an agent of House Cressie rooting for information regarding his own house’s movements. It would seem by the reaction of those around him that none of Lord Mikeal’s moves have been detected…for now. I promise this will not be true for long. I must say I fear this city. I fear its walls as they have ears and eyes. There is nothing that you say and do in King’s Landing that stays a secret for long. This place is unnerving and is all the more reason for us to move along with our mission. I makes me long for my home land. It reminds me why I hate the north.

Our travels now take us to the long awaited Sun Glass. Aeron Waters has been disguised. Disguise or not it is vital to avoid the Jailor Doug for he could positively identify the bastard boy. This cannot happen. But I am confident that our party will be able to access the library and….whats that noise?


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Past The Kings Road
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