The Iron Bank


When they sent bandit knights, robbers, invaders, spies, and assassins against House Vara, House Cressey and House Norcross were aided by the Iron Bank of Braavos. Whether the Iron Bank financed the covert invasion or was paid for its services is unknown, but the hedge knight Ser Leoff Cooper had enough coin to bribe an army down the Prince’s Pass, through Qorgyle lands, and into Mardoxia.

The contemptible expedition was executed to find a particular stonemason within Varan lands. Although he was one among many of his craft in the Onzin plains and Blackstone mountains, he was nearly found by the Iron Bank’s agent, Madame Leolla (sp?).
Supposedly, this stonemason had the knowledge of an ancient treasure of House Velaryon, knowledge passed down from his father. Madame Leolla was ransomed back to the Iron Bank, but her findings were confiscated. It is almost certain that House Vara will run into the agents of the Iron Bank again; they are not known to give up easily.


The Iron Bank

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