House Velaryon of Driftmark


Generations ago, Lady Tyana Velaryon married the Lord of House Vara, Delgado “The Ogre”, bringing with her dozens of knights and the blood of Old Valyria. Though Driftmark is half the kingdom away from Oroca Hall, the two houses have maintained cordial and sometimes, even close relations; since The Ogre brought Lady Tyana to Mardoxia, marriage between the houses has not been uncommon. Both Delgado the Younger and the Golden Calf have purple eyes, marks of their heritage.

Lady Tyana’s house guard came south with her, shoring up the ranks of the Varan Blood of the Bull, which many felt had become corrupt and had lowered their standards since the military coup of Monteza Sands. They would become known as the Silver of the Southern Seahorse and many of them would marry into the Varan nobility, so it isn’t unusual to see Velaryon traits outside of the Varan line.

Ser Xaladin And Delgado visited with several of their distant Velaryon cousins when they were in King’s Landing for a tournament.

House Velaryon of Driftmark

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