House Bouddic


Lord Willem Bouddic and Lady Isadora Bouddic.
Children: Shandra Bouddic, Willem Bouddic (Rumor: Torin Sands)

(Admiral) Captain Bendric Bouddic (Lady Isadora’s younger brother)
Children: Endric Bouddic (engaged to Lady Buckwell)

Words: “Hope of Summer”
Banner: Argent field, Per Pall Vert partition, Vert flame charges
Established: during Aegon’s Conquest
House Histories:

House Stats:
Defense: 11, Tower (10)
Influence: 28, Firstborn Heiress (20, Shandra Bouddic)
Lands: 42

    • coast
    • hamlet
    • road
    • island
    • stream

Law: 21
Population: 22
Power: 27
Warships “cyclones” veteran. Awareness4; Fight3; Marksmanship4
Warships “wyldwinds” trained. Awareness3; Fight4; Marksmanship2
Garisson “broken tower garrison” trained. Awareness3; Endurance3; Fight3
Wealth: 13

  • Port

Sun and Water Caskets

The existence of sun and water caskets predates the reign of Beryl Bouddic, but they are popularly associated with her, due to her extensive use of the slow execution device while she ruled as a despot over House Bouddic. Condemned criminals are placed in cages much like crab pots and then secured to a ship of the Bouddic fleet by a cable or line. The cages are kept afloat, for a time, by the inflated bladders of porpoises and Dornish seals. The bladders are attached to the circumference of the cage, usually slightly over halfway up from the bottom.

Captives whose crimes are small may be given less bladders, weaker bladders, and bladders that are not filled to capacity; this “mercy” ensures that they will drown faster and their suffering will not be prolonged. Especially malignant criminals are given the opposite treatment and they may linger on long enough to die of exposure, hypothermia, or exhaustion. These prisoners are given just enough food and skins of fresh water to make sure that they do not die of hunger or thirst. The slats of the cages provide almost no protection against the sun.

Lady Beryl was infamous for her “fleets” of sun and water boxes, which she often called her “dolphins”, as they trailed in her wake much like dolphins sometimes followed sailing vessels. If a captive died while his cage was still afloat, the other criminals could see the corpse being slowly eaten by the denizens of the sea. Lady Beryl sometimes deliberately drove her ships into waters known to be filled with sharks.

Lady Beryl died peacefully at 83 years of age, her frail body finally haven given out. She was surrounded by her loving family.

House Bouddic

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