Renys son of Renys

Stonemason and Architect


Once a brilliant student of the Citadel and architect assistant to the Treasurer of the Red Keep, now a broken man with little but hope and dreams to keep him going.
Bitter and alone, Renys has plied a simple trade of repair and maintenance for house and tools with his donkey and wagon ever since that fateful day…
Years ago, a young Cyril Vara and his companion listened to Renys’ tale of his ancestry and knowledge ancient Valyrian constructions while he boasted of his heritage at the Dog’s Barrel. Months after this encounter Lord Cyrol returned and recruited Renys to aid him in the renovation of an ancient secret Valyrian vault.
After many months Renys returned to his home at Hornhaven, biding his time until the Targaryen Kings would come to thank him for his service and foresight. That day never came.
On a sunny day as he walked back from Ambrose valley, Gersen Wreed and his Black Sashes rode him down, smashed his head in with a mace and left him there to die by the side of the path.
Only the charitable intervention of a passing woodcutter saved his life that day.


Renys son of Renys

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