Lord Vara of Oroca, Delgado Alfonso


Middle aged Noble
Goal: Security
Motivation: Love
Virtue: Chaste
Vice: Miserly
Flaws: Sedentary (Athletics), Supreme arrogance (-status on awareness tests)
Qualities: Weapon mastery longsword
Head for numbers


Significant Deed: Won the Gulltown tournament for Lady Grafton’s hand in marriage in 278AL
The Elder of two boys: Lord Vara’s younger brother Cyrol traveled to Braavos to foster connections with the Iron Bank and to care for Torin Sands, the bastard child of Lord Bouddic. While there, Cyrol became entangled with the dueling Bravos and was mortally wounded. His body was returned to House lands to be buried by a close friend, Aggrippa Dunis.

Lord Vara of Oroca, Delgado Alfonso

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