Fierro Joaqin Viguela


Age: 48

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Dark brown

Beard: Dark brown

A poncho and robes hide bolas strapped to his waist and a falchon dagger on his back. A clay bottle of wine and leather pouches hang from his belt.

He is often seen riding his horse, Stalfos, a beautiful Sandsteed specimen that leaves many nobles jealous


Fierro is a gaucho in service to House Vara. He tends to the lands of the Vara, including watching over the family’s livestock and wild game found through out the lands. If anyone should poach any game of Vara land or take any of the family’s livestock, Fierro will hunt them down and pass judgement and punishment onto these poachers.

He has served House Vara his entire life, as has his family for several generations before him.

He trained Ser Xaladin when the lord was a child, training him in hunting techniques. He has remained close friends with him since.

Fierro Joaqin Viguela

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