Airk Norcross

Sworn bannerman of Highgarden


Airk Norcross, or as he is known to me, Dead man Narcosis, is an overrated bannerman of house Tyrell. He can show some skill with the blade when not fumbling over his own self righteous claims of skill. It is true he unseated my brother at the kings tournament two years hence. However, he is by no means my brother’s equal. There are two important things to point out. First, this daisy did not participate in the grand melee. He is either not brave enough to pick up a weapon and step into the ring or was pulled aside as to not embarrass his house. The second, my brother was wounded in the melee where he was showing his skill and bravery to the 7 kingdoms while Airk was being pampered well away from the field. Despite his wounds he continued in the tournament like a man, not some wounded flower wilting in the sun.

It is clear to me that the men of Highgarden lack the courage and honor that we in Dorne have fostered for generations. Perhaps it is the obvious lack of southern blood that spurred Narcosis to spite my noble brother after he valiantly met him on the field. I have not spent much thought on this…well I suppose you could call him a man, I suppose. As mother has said, to spend time on the ignoble will only taint the mind with weakness and frailty.

Needless to say the Vara brothers are not done with him.


Airk Norcross

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