Aeron Waters

He is at the crux of several shadowy intrigues


Aeron is tall and powerfully built, but he has the distinct features of Old Valyria that were prominent in the more beautiful members of House Targaryen.

Agility 3 (Quickness 1B)
Athletics 4 (Strength 1B)
Cunning 3
Endurance 3
Fighting 5 (Long Blades 1B)
Language 3
Persuasion 4 (Charm 2B, Convince 1B)
Survival 3
Will 3 (Dedication 1B)

Combat Defense 9
Health 9
Intrigue Defense 7
Composure 9

Blood of Valyria, Charismatic, Talented (Fighting)
Bastard Born


He is not naturally an enigmatic man, but nevertheless he keeps many secrets hidden beneath the surface. Aeron is a bastard son of House Velaryon.

He currently resides in the dungeons of House Vara, where he is tended to by the Maestriss and Telfalin Flores, as his wounds are many.

Aeron Waters

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