Song of Ice and Fire

Xaladin homecoming



Two long years have passed since my brother and I parted ways. It has been the first time in my life I have been without him for more then a few days. At first I did not know what to do. Depression sunk into my bones. Little could shake it for long. But father’s needs are many and with the gentle guidance of mother I soon found myself immersed in house work.

These last two years have been transformative when I look back upon them. So many changes in body and mind. The pressure of what is at stake for our house has stamped much of my childish nature away, as now I see the dangers around every corner and the enemies waiting for us to show weakness.

I am very excited to see my brother again. I have been counting the days. Not only for us to be beside one another as we should be but also I need him. The winds of change blow hot and dry and I will be reliant on his many skills to see to the longevity and growth of our house.

Xaladin homecoming
Warlock_Xanatos Warlock_Xanatos

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