Song of Ice and Fire

The Library of Sweetport Sound


Lord and Lady Sunglass were away on a pilgrimage, but the brothers of House Vara and their entourage were received by Maester Ivan after traveling to Sweetport Sound.

Despite their misgivings about the reception they would receive at Sweetport Sound, the vassals of House Vara were welcomed into the library with open arms and were even invited to help catalogue the books they had come to read.

What they learned from the journals of Jothos Velaryon:

  • In 275-276 AL, Maester Ryan went to the Red Keep and begins experimenting Lion’s Fire, an herb he hopes to use in administering to pox sufferers. He would continue to study the pox for his entire tenure at the Red Keep.
  • Maester Ryan develops a complex cipher for Jothos Velaryon within the next year.
  • Jothos falls in love with Madam Edmy of Cressey
  • A year later, Jothos returns to the Driftmark from the Red Keep. He takes with him his bastard son, Aeron Waters.
  • Maester Ryan is recalled to the Citadel after his constant investigations into the Pox become an embarrasment
  • One of the journals is badly damaged and parts of it are indecipherable, still, it’s learned that Jothos enlisted the service of Ser Khale Stormsword, a hedge knight. Stormsword is to ensure that Maester Ryan is protected.
  • In 289 AL, Jothos Velaryon and Aeron Waters are reunited with Madam Edmy.
  • Jothos must flee with Waters, betrayed to Mikael Cressey by one of Madam Edmy’s ladies in waiting, Perry Anne, a woman of the smallfolk.
  • Mikael chases Waters and Velaryon after Madam Edmy commits suicide (addendum from Aeron Waters: Edmy was Mikael’s sister and Aeron suspects he murdered her to recover his family’s honor).
  • Jothos curses a “false knight” for betrayal and thievery. This false knight escaped to Braavos. But Jothos finds solace in the fact that the false knight’s betrayal means that he cannot pass on what he has learned.
  • Mikael Cressey becomes Lord of the house.

Addendum from Ser Xaladin: It is likely that the false knight is Ser Khale Stormsword, but it is possible that it is Ser Jothos’ own son, Aeron Waters, was false. He may have killed his own father and is showing signs of madness. In either case, the false knight fleeing to Braavos was probably the connection that involved the Iron Bank.


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