Song of Ice and Fire

Storm From The North

The Night’s Watch in Dorne

After receiving an invitation to a hastilude at Stone Hedge from House Bracken, Lady Vara plots with her heir to win fame for her men-at-arms. Ser Enrique and Ser Korgan are selected to participate; one of them is expected to win the hand of Lady Bracken, the prize for coming first in the joust. Ser Xaladin will lead the party north from Oroca, but he is forbidden from winning the joust by his lady mother and his older twin.

Within a day of the hunt, the Night’s Watch arrived at Oroca Hall ahead of a fierce storm which grounded ravens. The laconic northerner recruiting for the Watch asked for succor and shelter from House Vara, which Xaladin extended in his father’s name. Initial impressions of each other were rough, but after Delgado the Younger joined them for bread and wine, the man of the Night’s Watch and the southern knight started to warm to each other.

A man of distinct Valyrian features was among the rapists, thieves, and tax evaders headed for the Wall. He spun a wild tale of murder, betrayal, poverty, riches, and misplaced blame which Xaladon considered to be undoubtedly a pack of lies. In exchange for buying his freedom from the Watch, he offered the Vara twins his knowledge of the secret location of a treasure which had been hidden by his family for generations. He said that he wishes to be free to pursue vengeance against the true killer of his father, but Xaladin wonders if it is not more likely that he does not want to spend the rest of his in years in hard labor on the freezing Wall and that he wants to add swindling House Vara to his list of crimes. However, it is thought that House Vara will undoubtedly set him free for his sympathetic Valyrian features and the excitement of a treasure hunt.

The face of patricide


Aeron Storm, the bastard of Lord Jonthos Valarion has come to rest in our cages. He was relinquished to the Knights Watch by order of Ser George of Sunglass. He has begged for an audience in which I was curious to attend. My first impression of the man was that I should plunge my blade through his eye socket. So his request for my presence was not a hard thing to give.

He told a tale of woe and hardships. There is most definitely truth in this story. Though what is more important is the story he is not telling I feel. There is much more to him then he lets on. He seeks to entice us with tales of riches but my family is more important to me then any amount of gold, silver, or jewels. I am not done with this man yet. He is indeed Valerian so I am compelled to keep him for our house, if nothing else then to use as a barraging chip. But for now there are many other things that need attending to. First and foremost the welcoming celebration for my brother. This one will keep until the dawn.

Storm From The North
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