Song of Ice and Fire


The Golden Calf has led his father’s armies to victory. He was heavily outnumbered, but the enemy bedraggled and poorly trained. He is gaining a reputation as a shrewd commander and local hero, but his fame is outshone by his brother.

Squire Xanthius proved to be a capable warrior without too many scruples. At the command of Xaladin, he dispatched the sentries around the last camp of the enemy army and was at the forefront of every attack against the invaders, though he has been heard to say that he is the only brave warrior in Varan lands on more than one occasion and he prefers to take an enemy unawares.

Delgado the Younger led a small group of his father’s most trusted men that captured and interrogated the spy who opened Oroca Hall to invaders. The spy, a hired agent of the Iron Bank of Braavos, was convinced to give up her employers and nearly all she knew of them: House Cressey and House Norcross. Del’s reputation as a man willing to risk himself for the smallfolk has charmed the villagers.

Fierro brought the spy down with the signature weapon of the gauchos: the bola. She had nearly escaped capture before he made a perfect throw in near darkness.

Torin Sands still sits as the steward of the House, though his position is precarious. He was nearly ousted once it was discovered that the spy had gained access to Oroca Hall and Varan secrets by beguiling Torin as his paramour.

The spy has been ransomed back to the Iron Bank, though the act itself was more meaningful than the sum gained. She left behind a coded letter and the knowledge that what House Cressey sought was a stonemason, living in Varan lands, who knows the secrets of a lost Targaryen treasure.

One of the invader’s ships escaped House Bouddic’s embargo. The sheriff interfered with the Bouddic warships moving upriver, which may have given the invaders the opening they needed. Gersen Wreed took the lockdown of Hornhaven’s ports quite literally and refused any exceptions.

Ser George has left for the North with a large contingent of men to take the black; they were provided by House Vara. Ser Leoff remains in the hall’s dungeon. The Velaryon knight continues to recover from his wounds.

Lady Lydea has gained many admirers, but has not been able to spend much time with Xaladin as his duties keep him away. The Varan Lord and Lady intend to keep them separate and Lady Lydea safely sequestered in their Hall. Lady Lydea spends most of her time with the Varan herds.

Lord Vara has decreed that his son Ser Xaladin should lead an expedition north to the Bracken tourney and use that as cover to investigate House Cressey. The twins have been inseparable since Xaladin returned, but Lord Vara has commanded that Delgado the Younger stay behind and Lady Lydea as well.


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